The Together Project

Searchlight Educational Trust is establishing a project to explore, understand and tackle the rise of right-wing nationalism and extremism in Britain and Western Europe.

Entitled Together, the project will endeavour to address the increasing polarisation in society, leading to political extremes and violence, then seek to counter this rising hatred through building new communities and forging shared identities.


Together will be a 'Do-Tank', not a 'Think Tank'. We will use our research to influence and direct public policy, and help develop political remedies to extremism and threats to cohesion. We will also use our research to engage more effectively in the community and link it to proper local community engagement.


We will expand on elements of this research to develop a greater understanding of the threat faced, and means to deal with it. We will commission academics, journalists and writers to conduct more in-depth research and write papers and pamphlets.


We will provide assistance and training for local authorities, the police and NGOs in dealing with extremism in the community. We will promote good practice and engage with the Government on public policy issues. We will develop training tools for schools and teachers and work with faith communities to oppose extremism in a positive and collective manner.


Together will also work inside those communities most affected by fear and extremism. We will continue to organise in the towns and cities facing EDL demonstrations and protests. We will work with councils, community organisations and faith groups to build positive cross-community opposition in a peaceful and unifying manner.

Mobilising around the slogan 'A plague on both their houses' we will link the racist extremism coming from parts of the white community with the Islamist extremism of small sections of the Muslim community, and show how each breed and fuel the other.

Together can, and will, make a real difference.