There is a new political spectrum and dynamic that explains attitudes to culture, identity and nation.

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Fear and HOPE report, the most extensive survey into attitudes and identity in today’s England.
Now, five years on, HOPE not hate is releasing a new report - Fear and HOPE 2016.

Written by Professor Robert Ford, of Manchester University, and HOPE not hate’s Nick Lowles, and based on polling of 4,015 people by Populus, this report explores levels of fear, hate and hope in today’s England. It investigates our attitudes and relationships with one another, and also with outsiders. It explores what pulls us apart but at the same time what brings us together. It identifies the drivers of fear and hope and the triggers that push people from one to the other.

Fear and HOPE 2016 examines how England has changed since five years ago.
It explores the growing cultural divides in society.

New elements of the research examine our views on British values, Islam, terrorism and the EU.

This research will help guide HOPE not hate’s work over the next few years, including the launch of our Middle England initiative which seeks to engage with and reshape the narrative of those voters in the centre ground of British politics in order to develop a more progressive consensus on issues such as immigration, cohesion, integration, extremism and human rights.

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