Fear and HOPE 2011


Populus based the segmentation on a subset of both hard and soft questions which covered the following key issues:

  • Attitudes and exposure to race, multiculturalism, immigration, religious minorities and their impact on the British communities;
  • Participants perceptions of their own racial, religious and cultural identities
  • Perceptions of what makes somebody British
  • A Segmentation was created from these using Latent Class Analysis
  • A form of Latent Class Analysis called “Dfactor Modelling” was used:
    • Exploratory Technique
    • Involves the creation of Four factors (known as Dfactors) which summarise the responses across questions
    • The factors can be thought of as four different cuts of the data
    • Each factor cuts the data into two groups: Those Low on a dimension AND Those High on the same dimension
    • Populus then interpreted the dimension by profiling each factor
    • The four factors emerge in such a way that in combination they maximise our ability to explain different response patterns across the underlying questions
  • On this basis Populus had four dimensions upon which to create a segmentation

For more information on Populus and its work please visit: www.populus.co.uk

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